Sidang Skripsi dan Nasi Padang

Hello World 🙂

O God, it turns out I am very happy. The proof is I typed this while smiling, laughing, and grinning myself, hihihi, scary, bro? wkwk

Thank God, after going through a long process, after pushing for days, I finally went to the thesis trial too. Thank God, I finally passed the trial. Yes, God, very happy.

The trial was not that scary. Even statistical analysis methods that are used are not asked for details. Even though I was afraid to go down all the formulas. What the examiners asked was, in fact, many of the substance and writing. Apparently, the trial was like that. No need to worry more. Just do it.

But the original, when I got out of the courtroom, I just realized, I went to court.

I can’t eat if I’m worried.

When I came out, I didn’t think there were any kind-hearted people waiting. Oh my God, maybe there’s no time. The bouquet is quite a lot, it hasn’t been eaten until now. I remember one of the class’s classmates when giving me a present saying, “Isn’t my kadoku opened first?”

I grinned. I hold the gift. Wrapped in white wrapping paper with a striking big yellow ribbon. I don’t have any idea what it contains. But how strange is it like that?

After a photo session and venturing for quite a while, I finally returned to my beloved rented house. Because it was asked to open immediately, okay I open it at a time.

Do you know what’s in it?

Padang rice.

My eyes immediately lit up. Get treasure.

My stomach sounds again, wkwk. I went straight to the kitchen, took a plate and washed my hands. Turn to the guest room. And I ate it happily.


Sebenernya saya juga bingung. 
Tadi pas saya lagi enak-enaknya ngetik, mendadak teksnya berubah jadi bahasa Inggris. 
Itu ga saya edit sama sekali. Biarin aja, moga mudeng wkwk. Intinya saya  baru lulus sidang.
Makasih buat segala dukungan dan doanya, teman-teman :)
Makasih yang udah ngasih saya nasi padang. Kamu nyelametin saya yag udah kelaperan.
Allah yang membalas segala kebaikan <3


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